Nationally respected farmers Judy and Kenneth Anderle down in Mt. Olive Texas are known to put out the finest molasses in USA. We became aware of their 114 acre operation from Foodways Texas (Marvin Bendele,) and the documentary “Good, Better, Best” via the lens of young filmmaker Keeley Steenson.

It’s a tour de force.

It takes 4 months of hard work to get a crop of sorghum turned into molasses, but it’s a task that the Anderles gladly accept so they keep reaping the blackstrap molasses benefits. When we booked our tenth pop up restaurant event we set about figuring how to implement the Anderles toil into our menu; enter Johnson’s Backyard Garden. We called Sam over on the farm to see if he’d be willing to set a crate of organic sweet potatoes back for our food party and he quickly agreed.

It’s the last box in Austin that we know of as these potatoes are the finest grown in Texas, and Johnson’s is sold out.

Kenneth Anderle cross pollinated African White + Orange to create a super strain of sorghum that puts out a molasses that must be tasted to be believed.

It’s also a hot item, and the Anderles had long since smooth sold out when we came calling. Once we explained the nature of the food party however Judy reckoned that she could part with a batch she had sitting in the freezer since harvest.

Which is how we’re able to offer young organic sweet potatoes finished with Texas molasses!

It don’t get no better than that y’all.

Come out and see for yourself on Saturday April 13th at 7pm at Tamale House East for our 10th restaurant pop up event: Smiling Tiger Farm To Turntable. Texas grown meat and veg + fat slabs of Texas vinyl from the turntables of John Wesley Coleman and Eric Static.

and our review of Keeley Steenson’s documentary

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