The food always tastes better if you have to cross a set of railroad tracks to get at it. One of our all time favorite barbecue houses was in Leeds, Alabama, and to even think about getting there you had to motor down gravel roads and cross at least 3 sets of railroad tracks. RIP: Bear’s Barbecue

In spite of Austin being a semi-major metropolis, there are still a few gravel lanes you can travel down when it’s eating time, and echoes of the old Missouri Pacific railway cross Austin to this day.

We take special pleasure sitting out back at Tamale House on the ad-hoc patio a stone’s throw from MetroRail, the high dollar boondoggle that a handful of Austinites use on the occasional whimsy.

We go here for huevos rancheros, crispy tacos and one of the better plates of carne guisada in Austin. If you act right you can get an order of chips and salsa, and unlike their Airport Blvd counterpart, they bang out tamales on a daily basis.

Interestingly, Tamale House has turned into ground zero for Austin’s burgeoning pop up restaurant scene with traveling chefs taking over the kitchen and dedicating menus to Peru, Texas, Spain, Thailand and a host of other country’s cuisines.

Information regarding their next event:

Smiling Tiger Restaurant Pop Up #10

Sat April 13th 2013


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