Probably sold out. We clicked on the purchase tickets button on the website of Foodways Texas like we were playing Defender at Lost World Arcade and were met with naught.

Apparently plenty folks in Austin have an extra $280 for barbecue symposiums.

Wonder how tough their door staff will be? It’s been a good while since we gorilla rolled a doorman to get into a hot venue.

Might be worth it.

Partial list of meat-y luminaries to be doing symposium stuff: Aaron Franklin, Franklin’s Barbecue, Austin

Bryan Caswell, Reef, Houston

David Uyger, Lucia, Dallas

Greg Gatlin, Gatlin’s BBQ, Houston

Hugo Ortega, Hugo’s, Houston

Jesse Griffiths, Dai Due, Austin

Justin Fourton, Pecan Lodge, Dallas

Levi Goode, Goode Company, Houston

Patrick Martin, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Nolensville, Tenn.

Any high rollers reading? Please pen a field report and get back to us.

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