Rainey Street’s White House Charity Bar shuttered recently after Lustre Pearl general manager Christian Hawkins complained to TABC that there had been an increase of drunk people due to the bar’s presence on the busy entertainment corridor. White House Charity Bar was the “nation’s first not-for-profit bar” where you made a donation to charity in exchange for your Singapore Sling or Pearl Light. That went over predictably well with TABC who showed up at the venue in December of last year and slapped the cuffs on owner Wendy Gay Thomas saying that their operatives had been “required” to donate to charity prior to being served.

The devil’s in the details.

You can’t keep a good woman down however, and now Thomas is wading back into the fray with a brand new venture on the big empty lot at 70 Rainey.

We were strolling along like a couple young boulevardiers a few days ago when we noticed workmen trundling giant wooden spools onto the property so we inquired as to what sort of business was taking shape.

Two men; two different opinions.

The first man claimed that Austin was about to see it’s first food truck devoted to liquor while the second gentleman opined that the new venue was going to be a “liquor garden” where you paid an admission and drank free “all night long”

Sounds like the glory era of Acuna from where we sit.

Both men agreed that there would be plenty food trucks on site to keep the alcohol tamped down in your belly and that liquor cart? An idea whose time has clearly come. Maybe TABC will get on board with roving cocktail and craft beer carts fanning out across Austin on a daily basis?

And maybe that hoary old “no drinking after 2 am” thing will soon be a thing of the past too?

We could be standing on the precipice of an imbibing golden age in Central Texas.

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