Reading on the KHOU website they’re reporting that confidence man Michael Angelo Carrion is using the old “pretend to be a fire safety equipment inspector and hustle the manager on duty out of a few hundred bucks” trick.

Works every time.

Carrion strolled into Wholly Cow on Congress Avenue and straight pulled the wool over the manager’s eyes before walking out almost two hundred dollars richer.

He also hornswoggled Ruby Thai Kitchen out of nearly $600.

Smooth talker.

Apparently Carrion is on a multi-state fire inspector confidence scam spree and needs to be stopped before slow-witted managers can be fooled again.

He’s also wanted in Atlanta among other states.

If you spot the corpulent con man get in touch with law enforcement but do not engage the silver tongued devil as he’s apparently quite fluid for a big man.

KHOU piece

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