Tom Ramsey’s back in the news.

We’ve been covering the Snappy Snacks food truck magnate’s maneuverings for years and now he’s back in the headlines with his attempt to launch a new food truck court in Pflugerville.

Tom Ramsey we hardly knew ye….but we did; all too well. First a little history: As Austin’s food truck culture began to flower in the paleo-era of 2009, Ramsey took a long look at the burgeoning scene and began brainstorming on how he could best limit his competition. He went in front of the city council and proposed 42 new regulations that he imagined would best limit his competitor’s ability to earn a living.

The lion’s share of these proposed new regulations were shot down in a moment of sobriety by Austin government. Had all the new rules, that Ramsey dreamed up, went into effect it would have added an estimated 34k in regulatory cost to each food truck in town.

Two years ago, the universe, in a blistering backlash to the Snappy Snacks empire, smiled down as 9 of Ramsey’s 53 food trucks could not pass the new regulations that Ramsey himself had authored.

Parties were thrown across Austin.

Tom Ramsey, brimming with his trademark hubris, is now holding a food truck competition!

From a press release that winged its way into the Scrumptious Chef inbox:

“Just email us your concept for Central Texas’ newest and coolest food truck. The winner with the most innovative idea will receive the exclusive use of a Snappy Snacks food truck and two FREE months of space rental at our new food & live music venue!

It’s that simple! YOU could be launching your new food truck business right here with us at Snappy Snacks!”

“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb?”

We don’t quote scripture too often at Scrumptious Chef but when it fits, it fits.

We imagine that the person who imagineers “Central Texas’ newest and coolest food truck” will sign a legal document of a minimum of 50 pages prior to their concept’s launching, and at the end of the 2 month period will have a giant, Ramsey shaped boot print on their ass as he assumes command of the business.

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