We’ve been wondering about the transformation of Rabbit’s Lounge on East 6th street for awhile now so we decided to drop in and talk with the construction crew to see if they’d be willing to let us in on the project.

They were. Scranton Twohey, formerly of Lustre Pearl is the force behind the new bar which is to be called Whistlers. Twohey has fanned out across Texas to land antique store scores to decorate the establishment and found an old bar sign emblazoned Whistlers; thus the name.

The work crew has gutted the old lounge to install a long Pecan wood bar and a variety of antique iron fixtures. The eastern exposure will feature retractable garage doors in the time honored ice house format.

Tap beer, bottled beer and cocktails will fuel the revelry downstairs while the upper level will serve as offices.

We’re looking forward to Whistler’s opening though the loss of Rabbit’s Lounge hit hard; it was our all-time favorite East Austin bar to watch El Tri and do some hooting and hollering with La Raza.

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