Another monster week. We keep wondering when this site will plateau but for right now we’re breaking traffic records weekly. We just crested 1000 subscribers which would be reason for closure at Huffington Post but around French Place, Texas it’s cause to celebrate. Thanks for checking out the site y’all. While it’s certainly true that we’re only in it for the money y’all don’t seem to mind. We broke in a brand new site feature on the best happy hour deals in Austin

Y’all love reading about Texas sausage almost as much as we love making Texas sausage

We don’t write many articles about chain restaurants but when we do y’all go wild. Apparently a lot of our readers really like Taco Bell–Dan-Foleys-Taco-Tico-Do-Land-Office-BusinessIts-National-Crispy-Taco-Day?adminview=true

Texas Monthly’s new BBQ editor took Village Voice mainstay Robert Sietsema to task

The end of Bridget Dunlap’s Rainey Street empire?

last week’s top 5

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