In keeping with the modern state of foodways in East Austin, the renaissance of long running curb store Quickie Pickie will feature local foods in the cafe, local beers on the tap wall and perhaps an aviary off to one side featuring only the finest local chickens?

A month or so ago we were motoring toward Rosewood Avenue when we spotted a gang of construction workers descending on the corner of East 11th and Lydia. Always curious, we popped into the old time quick mart to see what was going on with the hubbub. Owner Zahir and gm Troy Twibell (formerly of Purple Bean) are re-imagining the space as a bit of a gastropub. They’re implementing a menu that’s meant to be paired with the 27 beers on draft and will be utilizing local food purveyors to accomplish this goal.

Bear in mind that the accompanying photo was taken over a month ago so one imagines the build-out is a bit further along by now.

We all stood around for a few minutes talking about the intersection of craft beer and food and Twibell mentioned that he wanted his array of beers to be diverse enough to include all the various beer styles of the world.

We’re strict constructionists so as long as we have one ale, and one lager to choose from we feel like we’re being well-served. With 27 taps Quickie Pickie ought to do just fine.

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