Dawn Orsak and Lori Najvar are traveling across Texas to accrue material for a multi-media exhibit on Texas Czech culture. This past weekend found the two ladies in Halletsville for the big South Texas Polka & Sausage Fest. We wrote a preview for the party here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/3/19/South-Texas-Polka–Sausage-Fest-In-Hallettsville-Texas-March-22nd-23rd–24th-2013 but were unable to attend due to work. Blasted work.

Orsak and Najvar, in the interest of cultural preservation mind you, spent the day at the fest eating their way through tables filled with sausages, sauerkraut, “German” potatoes, chicken noodle soup, sweet tea and kolaches.

Tough gig.

We’ve long been fascinated by the culture of middle Europe (ok, the foods if we were to be pinned down) and got in touch with Ms. Orsak to see if she’d be willing to share a photo of the big party.

Pictured: Dawn Orsak with 77 year old Leroy Petersen whom Orsak reports is “a really smooth dancer.”

Love it.

The best dancers are always elderly. By the time you hit your golden years you’ve had a lifetime to polish your moves on the dance floor. Hit Ginny’s Little Longhorn on a Thursday night if you need affirmation.

Photo credit: Lori Najvar

Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center http://www.czechtexas.org/about-us.html

Follow Dawn Orsak on Twitter https://twitter.com/svacinaproject

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