Dogs and children and their acolytes take note. Trailer Food Tuesdays is back! Tiffany Harelik’s uber-successful gathering of food trucks and trailers will be held this Tuesday at the Long Center on Barton Springs Road. A few of the participating trucks: Tapas Bravas, Cool Haus, and Whole Foods? Wait, did Whole Foods thrust themselves into the food truck game? The tiny, west 6th upstart grocery store must have had a kickstarter cause it can take a solid 30k to get into the food trailer business.

Expect John Mackey, face reddened from the hot kitchen, sweaty Umbros, and a boss that’s breaking his balls over his cigarette breaks to be vending….something. No idea what but we reckon it will be very wholesome and of course very expensive as that’s Whole Foods raison d’être.

Should be interesting.

the website of the party

dozens of Austin food truck articles

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