Love him or hate him, and there are plenty people in both camps, Glenn Bell was the man responsible for bringing crispy tacos to the great unwashed masses of rural USA. In 1962 Mr. Bell opened his first Taco Bell in Downey, California (tacos 19c!) and began building one of the largest fast food companies on planet earth. My rural Appalachian home was bereft of mass-market, crispy tacos til Taco Tico set up shop way back in 1973 ( Things would never be the same.

My sister and I would regularly beg our mother for a fresh installment in her Mexican food nights. We’d run down to Kroger’s, buy a few crispy taco kits, lay some beef that we raised on our farm out of the freezer, and get ready to spend a night celebrating Old Mexico.

Today is National Crispy Taco Day y’all. It’s a glorious day at the Scrumptious house as we’re always looking for an excuse to bang out a batch of one of our favorite childhood foods.


I was raised on chili. My mom regularly made a batch using red kidneys and ground beef. My grandma had an oddly wonderful take that featured white beans and green tomatoes. My aunts and uncles all knocked out kettles of the stuff and my dad? He made a version at the house for the wife and kids, but he saved the evil for his buddies at the volunteer fire department where he concocted a fierce, witches brew that would singe the brass stays off your Wranglers.

I grew up on chili. more + a recipe for the best taco meat you’ll ever put in your mouth

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