We religiously read Dawn Orsak (https://twitter.com/svacinaproject) to keep up with what’s going on in the Czech diaspora of Central Texas. We love the food (Kolaches!) the music (Polka!) and the womenfolk (gorgeous!)-Czech culture offers plenty to anyone with even a middling interest in the above pursuits.

Ms Orsak recently broadcast a party happening this weekend down in Halletsville that sounds like a must attend: South Texas Polka & Sausage Fest is about to blow up in the garden spot of Lavaca county.

Czechs and Czechophiles will be wolfing down sausages, fried fish and chicken platters, bowls of Czech chicken noodle soup and obviously metric tons of kolaches. When it comes time, there will be a multitude of polka bands taking the stage at the Knights of Columbus Hall (est. 1922) where the fete is being held.

With a tagline of “Always a Good Time in Hallettsville” how could you not attend?


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