In a city filled with lazy ass taqueras and taqueros who can’t be troubled with making their own tortillas, Taco Cabana continues taking that simple, extra step that defines next-level Mexican food.

They do so with little fanfare, but one imagines a monstrous work load, as the San Antonio-based company has 15 Austin area locations. Imagine how easily they could shrink their payroll if they chose to use commercial, factory-grade tortillas instead of hiring workers to knock out the homemade ones?

That’s neither here nor there as this article concerns itself with their brand new happy hour special: $3 gets you a margarita AND an order of bean and cheese nachos!

I just got off the phone with corporate down in San Antonio. I remember the silken nature of those heavenly pintos so I called in to the company to find out what the secret is.

“Is there manteca in y’alls pintos?”

“What’s that?”

“Am I talking to San Antonio?”


“It’s the Spanish word for lard”

“Oh, sorry, I don’t speak Spanish. No, no manteca, we use bacon fat”

So, for $3 you get a margarita AND a healthy plate of totopos garnished with lovely,silky refried pinto beans enrichened with bacon fat and topped with melted cheese!

an obituary for Felix Stehling, the man who created Taco Cabana

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