Someone really needs to get in touch with the cooking channel and let them know that Juan In A Million is in no way a University of Texas haunt. For one thing it’s nearly 4 miles away from the 40 acres.

To cash in on March Madness, the TV channel has designed a bracket of campus eateries going head to head in online voting to determine an eventual “Best College Eats” victor. Austin representative?

Juan In A Million, located deep in what we use to call the Cesar Chavez barrio, features store bought tortillas and batch cooked breakfast taco fixings that are held in steam line pans so the line cooks can keep up with the mad volume the low grade taqueria routinely experiences.

The glory days of the old cafe are nothing but misty water-colored memories.

Want to experience a real deal Don Juan breakfast taco? Go here

alternately, cast your vote

we’ve never been to The Mont in Oklahoma but have a hard time imagining it being worse than Juan In A Million.

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