Why wouldn’t they? Of course Austin bars and restaurants should jack up their prices for SXSW. This is America dammit.

We just noted a topic on the Austin branch of the national Eater blog wherein blogger Grimes posits the question: Should Austin Bars & Restaurants Raise Prices For SXSW?

Apparently, a New York based pizza blogger named Adam Kuban has a beef with Hoek’s Pizza requesting $30 for one of their enormous, hand-tossed pizzas. A New Yorker complaining about Austin food prices? It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

Welcome to the modern Austin that SXSW has wrought. A quarter million extra mouths are in town and Austin bars and restaurants are supposed to just meekly nod, continue selling $1.50 Lone Stars and cheap pizzas, and act like it’s just another day at the office?

Fuck that.

That trough that Diamond Lou Black built, and has been wallowing in since 1987, ought to be big enough to accommodate a few non-millionaires too. We’ve noted a few margin points tacked onto menu prices during SXSW week over the past few years. Of course “local” pricing is still in effect and we never saw usury applied-unless you’d just hopped off business class from Miami.

Let a million cash registers ring as Austin’s streets are choked out with visitors from Wherever USA. Even with a slight increase in prices, Austin’s still dirt cheap when it comes time to eat and drink your way through our town’s cafes and drinkeries.

And if the tariffs are too much to bear, feel free to let the management know that you find their prices plainly offensive. This sort of complaint is generally handled “out back” and will be addressed promptly.

the Eater piece http://austin.eater.com/archives/2013/03/11/should-austin-bars-restaurants-raise-prices-for-sxsw.php

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