Has there ever been a more depressing title in a “City Guide” than Vegan Date Night?

The very thought of two emaciated, would-be lovers staggering around town in a burlesque of amour; vainly seeking a bowl of Bermuda or alfalfa grass while robust omnivores have the run of the delights of a city’s restaurants is quite frankly depressing.

But who are we to judge? If you’re into that sort of thing, well, here you go http://www.lizzdelicious.com/2/post/2013/02/great-austin-spots-for-a-vegan-date-night.html#.UTejPVfueSo courtesy of Lizz Delicious

We love the Swacina Project. When it comes to Middle European traditions that have made their way to Central Texas, it’s the bees knees. Here’s their Austin Kolache Guide, and it is solid Texas gold http://svacinaproject.blogspot.com/2013/03/kolaches-in-capitol.html

Author Min over at Savor The Rainbow loves Jesus Christ. And emoticons. And hamburgers. Not necessarily in that order either. Any “best of” list in Austin is going to have glaring omissions and this is one is no different, but we like this blogger’s style. And she takes really good photographs. http://savortherainbow.com/2013/02/24/austin-city-guide-must-try-burgers/

Tacos in Austin are always going to be a subject that has list makers seething with anxiety. Who to include, who to leave off, how important are handmade tortillas, why was the taquera wearing skyscraper heels and a velvet dress…that sort of thing. But author Veronica Meewes has constructed a respectable list with a nice mix of popular spots that suck and obscure places that only a few hounds are privy to http://www.mywellfedlife.com/2013/02/your-pretty-all-inclusive-sxsw-2013.html#.UTeqMFfueSo

Attention area Jews! http://whatjewwannaeat.com/passover-host-gift-ideas/

Nice to see a whole gang of Austin bloggers getting off their asses in the past week or so. Folks who couldn’t be bothered to put up a single article in 2013 are all of a sudden blurs of motion.

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