Howdy, thank you kindly Mr Reeves for mentioning me in your article.

I am a proud Texan and hope to represent well, our state, and its culture.

Having grown up in my grandparent’s restaurant in Bryan, Texas: A.C. Saenz Tamales and BBQ, I also hope to carry on the tradition of proudly serving rustic, handmade Texas recipes in the way my Grandfather did until his 93rd Birthday. Thank you for also mentioning Chef Melissa and her greatness. She spent a lot of time and money on me and the 2 years spent with her in her kitchen means so much to me. I hope to make her proud.

The Franklins are nice and supportive as well.

I helped launch the Torchy’s location in my hometown of Houston, and Success Food Group has been more than kind to me.

John Lewis of LA Barbecue is legendary in my opinion and he taught me tons. I hope to work with him again sometime. He is crazy good.

It makes me proud to see anyone talking about my career but to see a Texan talking about it is even better.

I hope to rep well.

Thank you again for your interest.

Best Regards

John “Blue” Avila

and the original article about Mr. Avila’s new bbq joint in New York City

Celebrate Texas Independence Day with us

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