It’s been a long road.

The genesis of the Scrumptious Chef pop up series, in part anyway, came from a long run of crazy back yard cooking competitions we had starting at the beginning of the aughts. We called the parties Texas Top Cook, and we’d challenge a half a dozen other Austin cooks to a throwdown in our backyard, schedule a date then get down to the business at hand. Show and prove.

60-70 people would all crowd around a few giant tables and eat bowls of gumbo, plates of casserole or serving-trays of brisket. We’d blast Butthole Surfers, drink a few hundred cans of Pearl and celebrate our good lives in Austin.

Friends for dinner.

Those days are long gone. Folks moved-got married-migrated across town-changed jobs-got lame…it’s the same all over.

Things change but one thing has remained; we can still round up a half a dozen bad ass cooks and crank out a busy service. Come out tomorrow night and celebrate Texas Independence Day with the Scrumptious Chef crew.

Friends for dinner.

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