Here’s the menu. Hope y’all can come out celebrate Texas Independence Day with us. We’ll have plenty Texas beef and ice cold Live Oak draft beer.

Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant #9 Chicken Fried Steak (Wagyu beef) mashed root vegetables (butter,cream,sea salt,black pepper) Texas green beans (Texas sweet onions, green garlic) cream gravy, Easy Tiger sour dough bread

Bacon Cheese Burger (Wagyu beef,Red Wattle heritage pork, bleu cheese,sous vide,cast iron) house cut french fries

Texas Red Chili (Wagyu beef,stock,garlic,chile,masa) Fritos

Texas Hot Guts Sausage (Wagyu beef,cayenne,salt,pepper)

Chile con Queso (cheese,chiles,tomatoes,cream,milk) handmade totopos


Purveyors: Heartbrand Beef,Easy Tiger,Johnson’s Backyard Garden,Antonelli’s Cheese

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