The Prague Spring-like renaissance of East Austin continues apace with bona fide craft coffee superstar Cuvée opening for business this morning at Salt And Time Butcher Shop.

We ran by for a moment at lunch to take a couple photos and get the lay of the land. More details to come as we are under a major time crunch due to the pop up event this weekend.

Back at it. We received an email from Cuvée owner Mike McKim when we expressed curiosity about the espresso machine powering the cafe. It’s a Strada EP (electronic paddle) from La Marzocco! On the back portion of the machine is a cradle that holds a rechargeable backpack that the barista can use to fly at 2500 feet above East Austin!

This much we do know after a cursory search across the internet. Baristas and barista-types who live and breathe coffee get dewy-eyed at the very mention of this device; there are only 35 of these machines in existence and this is the only one in the Republic of Texas.

Cuvée’s opening salvo in the Austin craft coffee wars could not have been more thunderous.

Any gun loving Texans reading? The corollary to what McKim has pulled off here would be as though you and a buddy went to Red’s to do some shooting and your friend pulled out a Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver. Sure, you might have a .44 or even a .475, just like there are plenty shops in town with a fancy La Marzocco or Clover machine; but the coffee landscape in Austin radically changed…starting today…at Cuvée in East Austin.

celebrate Texas Independence Day

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