Judo, Mazda, Fuji and Rueshaw; Four Japanese Wagyu bulls that made the long trip from Japan to USA on March 31, 1976. Folklore has it that these super specimens were discovered gone-missing and the Japanese government scrambled fighter jets to intercept the plane the creatures were on.

Wagyu cows and bulls are regarded as national treasures in Japan. Alas, the American ne’er do wells/fresh owners of the bulls, had escaped Japanese air space, and the zeros had to return to Japan empty-bull-handed.

Japan’s loss. USA’s gain.

There’s a lot of talk regarding Kobe beef in USA so let’s discuss that for a moment. “Kobe” is a brand name for beef grown in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. If this one simple fact does not hold true, then you’re not eating genuine Kobe.

Wagyu simply means Japanese beef. Wa meaning Japanese or Japanese-style; gyu meaning cattle. All Kobe is Wagyu but all Wagyu is not Kobe.

When we decided we wanted to do a Texas beef-themed pop up event we scoured the internet high and low for a few days til a clear consensus began to emerge; Heart Brand Beef down in Yoakum, Texas is putting out the finest beef in the Great State therefore the USA.

They’re raising Akaushi which means “red cow” in Japanese. These are Wagyu beef grazing on the fertile grounds of LaVaca County Texas under the care of ramrods working for Heart Brand Beef. At maturity the bulls weigh 17-1800lbs!

If you drew a latitudinal line from the Austin/Temple region to Japan you’d land in Kumamoto. This is where the Akaushi breed was developed. In 1944 the Japanese government, which owns 100% of the cattle on the islands, formally recognized Akaushi as a breed. We like this sort of confluence.

In Japan it has been reported that Wagyu are massaged with saki wine while listening to classical music.

In Texas it’s reported that Akaushi are massaged with Pearl beer while listening to Doug Sahm.

Hope y’all can come out Saturday March 2nd 2013 to Tamale House East and help us eat this massive shipment of beef from HeartBrand Beef.

Reserve a seat! http://bigbeefpopup.eventbrite.com/

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