We had just about given up.

Non-Texas based writers routinely come to the Great State to eat their way across the Republic and file reports for publications like Bon Appetit, New York Times and/or others of their ilk.

They invariably get it wrong. Salt Lick, Taco Deli or whatever cafe is the flavor of the month are routinely lionized as being the cream of the crop of our restaurant scene.

Meanwhile, off-the-beaten-path joints are ignored in the mad clamor to fete places that have already had barrels of ink spilled over their sub-par chow.

So when a Sports Illustrated article on Texas barbecue came across our newsfeed this morning we sighed and began listlessly pawing through the story. Then things got interesting real fast.

Author Andy Staples is money. Anytime you reference Archibald’s Barbecue in Northport, Alabama as being the gold standard for pork ribs in the USA you’re always going to get our attention. George Archibald Jr. has routinely put out the best bones in the Nation since he started working under his daddy way back in 1966.

Staples gives passing mention to the fact that Archibald’s “On most days… in Northport, Ala., smokes better ribs – but not by much.”

Know you right.

The author continues by giving serious justice to Snow’s and the powerful tandem behind the business: Tootsie Tomanetz and Kerry Bexley.

Read the piece: http://extramustard.si.com/2013/02/20/heaven-is-a-buffet-snows-bbq/

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