John Brown Smokehouse failed to defend their Brisket King title in New York City last night as surging powerhouse BrisketTown (Daniel Delaney) took home the prize: a Cartier encrusted Akaushi brisket dripping with gold leaf infused beef tallow.

Wonder if any of the pitbosses rolled out brisket “shabu shabu” style like Richter’s joint last year?

And we would’ve loved to mow down on a plate of El Paso native Ari White’s barbecue that saw block long crowds lined up in the Bronx last summer. We’re guessing Delaney stuck with the tried and true Texas formula of salt, pepper and post oak.

After all that’s what carried him to the top of the newly energized world of NYC barbecue.

Congratulations go out to Daniel Delaney, and we have to wonder when he’s going to open up a branch of BrisketTown in Central Texas? Maybe find a quiet little town like Taylor or Lockhart where he can set up shop and start cooking for the locals?


update: A few words from competitor Ari White on last night’s food party:

What can I say about lat night… It was an honor to be in room filled with NYC’s food titans and BBQ brethren . The level of creativity and attention; specifically to locally, farm-raised, friendly- sourced meats was as refreshing as the river of cold brews and spirits that washed down so many mountains of beef. As for the winner… Delaney is equal parts King and Mench; I can dig a year of BBQ under his rule…at least until next year’s brisket king competition comes back to town;)

and full Central Texas BBQ coverage right this way

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