Another big week in Austin food blogs. We scan dozens of entries from scores of bloggers to bring y’all the best of the best. Without further ado, the cream of the crop, right this way: Mike Sutter rips into Kiefer’s Cafe Ever had a baller? Nah, me neither.

Man Up Texas Barbecue takes a peek behind the scenes at Louie Mueller BBQ

I fantasize about Cookie Madness showing up at the Scrumptious House and rolling through my kitchen like a runaway truck. This gal is batshit crazy when it comes to baking. Stepped up, to the moon, Magic Cookie Bars ask her about the world of the “cheesecake matrix”

An Avenue aka Craft Is Better further explores the world of Jester King

Sway gets the business from Forks Up blog

bonus: South Austin Foodie visits Casa de Luz and does not issue a piledriver review! SAF found something good to eat in Austin!

last week’s edition–RollUncorkedMercury-PizzaWhip-In

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