Icey Ike Sales of Pikeville, Kentucky filed for incorporation in February of 1969.

By 1970, Icey Ike had spread like a pandemic all over the Cumberland Highlands. The Slush Puppie-esque beverage was in all the quick marts, convenience, and department stores, and the future looked very bright for the company and its hillbilly mascot.

Havacupacool was the company’s slogan and it was used in rural newspapers of the day to good effect. Shoppers were admonished to get out there and start buying stuff, and have some Icey Ike to fuel their frenzy. Favored flavors back then included Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Raspberry Banana among others.

But by 1973, ads for used machines were beginning to appear in local newspapers for just north of two hundred dollars.

Researching the history of regional, flavored-ice companies, one thing becomes clear: don’t fuck with Slush Puppie. The beverage corporation, birthed in Cincinnati, Ohio, plays hardball. And always did. One imagines Icey Ike ran afoul of the octopus-like marketing genius of Will Radcliff, the man who drove Slush Puppie into the upper echelons of cartoon dog beverage stardom prior to their sale to Cadbury.

Picturing the oafish, cartoon hillbilly mascot of Icey Ike being set upon by the cartoon dog that drove Slush Puppie’s sales is not difficult.

In an interview in the late 90s, Radcliff estimated he saw nearly 40 iced beverage companies come and go during his tenure as Slush Puppie overlord.

Icey Ike The Ice-illated Drink RIP.

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