Scanning the morning Austin Chronicle for articles from Mick Vann and MM Pack, the two headed hydra that keeps the local alt weekly relevant in these busy times, we noticed the following statement from Ms. Virginia Wood:

“The Feb. 20 opening of the John Mueller Meat Company was announced in an official press release rather than a breathlessly overhyped blog post”

Laughably wrong. Where’s that wet noodle and who can we get to administer the lashes?

The Scrumptious Chef site broke the news of the reemergence of Mueller 5 full hours before the press release dropped. We watched Twitter go into full meltdown within moments after the “official release” as bloggers, writers and what have you all jostled furiously at the trough.

And we caught a verbal beat-down over the matter; we were told the 5th of February was when we could go live, but were not proscribed a certain time of day.

Here’s the article mistakenly released the morning of Feb 5th 2013.

Be aware that it features plenty purple prose and is, as always, “breathlessly overhyped” after all, that’s our stock in trade.

But at the end of the day we’d much rather be overly enthusiastic than grievously wrong.

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