It was another one of those week’s where we had to dig and dig to come up with a reasonable top 5 for the week in Austin food blogs.

Earning a hard living.

But, after sifting through unfathomable amounts of pure dreck we managed to locate these gems Way Out West Austin visited Dock & Roll Diner. But is it really “Wicked good!” We’ve gotten mixed reports on these guys

Forks Up blog gets drunk at Uncorked, one of the Scrumptious team’s favorite, under-sung bars

South Austin Foodie hits Mercury Pizza with a Tombstone Pile Driver. too many ass kissing food critics in Austin-always a treat to read SAF calling it straight down the middle.

Foodie Is The New Forty walks us through her favorite local confectioners

You Stay Hoppy Austin visits Whip In

BONUS: Josh Hare of Hops n Grain ” Craft beer is meant, and created, to be enjoyed. If you don’t enjoy a beer that you tried, move on to another beer”

last week’s top 5

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