Bon Appetit loves Franklin Barbecue. Way back in 2011 writer Andrew Knowlton ignited the world of US barbecue claiming that Franklin was “the best.”

The firestorm was predictable as defenders of the old lions of Taylor, Texas and Lockhart, Texas sprang to the defense of the old timey legends of the world of smoked meat. We broke down the kerfuffle here

Now Bon Appetit has issued their 21 most important restaurants in America. The list claims to be a mere 20 long but they’ve mystifyingly lumped Uchi and Uchiko into one spot. While they share the same owner, they’re far from being the same restaurant.

The magazine also includes Cochon where we had an oyster bacon sandwich so poorly wrought last summer that we questioned whether we’d ever go back. Limp, flaccid bacon will do that to a body.

Lists like these are always a lot of fun, and they certainly accomplish their goal: drive a ton of traffic to the originator of the piece.

Here’s a hotlink to the article. Let the debate rage.

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