To many people the grand champion of Texas Barbecue is the beef chuck rib. It’s also a vanishing menu items as many people are loathe to pay between 15-20 dollars for a single rib no matter how much meat is clinging to it.

Man Up Texas BBQ released their Top 5 Barbecue Beef Chuck Rib Joints In The State Of Texas this morning and it’s disappointingly brief. Only 5 restaurants made the list. 20 years ago we would’ve had, at minimum, a dozen. Here’s the list. Man Up does their polls alphabetically so be aware this is not in order of importance:

Winner: Louie Mueller

Black’s, Iron Works, JMueller, Opie’s

Black’s Barbecue down in Lockhart plundered our beef rib cherry a coon’s age ago and we remain haunted by that fateful night. They’re without question the finest barbecue joint in “the barbecue capital of Texas” and if people make claims to the contrary just go ahead and knock the Hell out of ’em. Black’s runs em up all up a tree when it comes to smoked meat.

JMueller has been consigned to the roll call of Texas greats that have passed from the scene. But a rebirth is in the works. New name: John Mueller Meat Company. Many epiphanies have been written on the wiry pit boss’s mammoth beef ribs.

Mystified by the absence of Stiles Switch. They put out an incredible beef rib.

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