Did Austin lasso annex part of Round Rock?

The Art Institute of Austin which is located on Louis Henna Blvd in Round Rock is hosting a food writer’s panel this Wednesday that sounds interesting.

PR Over Coffee is inviting would be food entrepreneurs to show up and pitch their business ideas to:

Kristi Willis of Kristi’s Farm To Table food blog. Jan Bucholtz of Austin Business Journal.

Jessica Dupuy of Austin Culturemap.

and Jenni Chen of Misohungry.

These media experts will give potential entrepreneurs advice on how to “best position themselves for favorable publicity and the dos and don’ts of pitching a busy food writer.”

Maybe one of the experts can give a consultation to the Art Institute of Austin on the fact that Austin and Round Rock are separate cities? Attempting to get “the rub” by using the word Austin in your company title when you’re a half hour north of said city is unseemly.

Art Institute Of Round Rock; now that has a ring to it.

We get a lot of pitches at Scrumptious Chef. Most bore us to tears and we reckon they’d bore y’all too so they never see the light of day. Creating an exciting narrative for a new bar, coffee shop or food truck in Austin is tough. The thrum of the city is so strong that it’s hard to pierce the milieu.

That’s why we write so many obituaries on this site.

Here’s the hotlink to the event page if you’re thinking about entering the food industry in Austin/Round Rock http://www.meetup.com/PRoverCoffee-Austin/events/101032592/

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