Once in a great while we’ll post a non-Austin picture for our daily photo series. Tonight is one of those nights.

Walking East out of Josef Town (District 8) in Budapest you’ll encounter a mammoth indoor market (not the famous “Nagycsarnok” or Great Market Hall) that hosts dozens of food vendors. There’s Mangalitsa Heritage Breed pork for sale, countless pastries, street food sellers and this lovely woman who we immediately dubbed The Pickle Queen of Budapest.

With a kilo of Mangalitsa to be cooked in the tiny kitchen of our pied-à-terre, we knew we’d need something really acidic to cut through all the rich pork fat. This gal sold us a big bag of the best pickles we’ve ever eaten.

Not that bread n butter bullshit either. These cucumbers were the real deal. Lots of vinegar, and the pickle queen left the sugar where it belonged; in the cupboard til it comes time to bake a cake or pie.

Budapest is one of the loveliest cities on earth. The architecture is breathtaking, the food unparalleled and the dour Hungarians quite charming in their own gruff manner. The city is dotted with wonderful restaurants a few of which serve Szalonnasütés (bacon barbecue!)

Our journeys have carried us across the globe and Budapest is one of the best towns in this world to hang your hat for a couple weeks.

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