Man Up Texas Barbecue polled their readers on the topic of Texas Hot Guts Sausage recently. We eat a lot of hot guts at the Scrumptious house. While there are plenty good sources in Central Texas we’ve been making our own for a year and a half and we’ve got the formula down pat. When you think you’ve got your seasoning correct-double it. Double the salt, the pepper and the chile, then you’ll really have something.

1. Kreuz Market won the poll, we ate there steady for about ten years before they lost their way at the dawn of the double aughts. Running a restaurant that seats upwards of 700 people proved to be too much for their crew and their quality plummeted.

2 Opie’s & Freedmen’s tied for 2nd. It’s been ages since we’ve tried Opie’s and have heard good things about Freedmen’s but were denied service on our visit (friends and family party)

4. Louie Mueller & Stiles Switch tied for 4th. Mueller’s is insanely good while Stiles Switch uses Thorndale Meat Market as their purveyor. Those boys up in Milam county know their way around a grinder/extruder.

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