The old bull of Texas barbecue, John Mueller, is set to open John Mueller Meat Co. in East Austin, Texas. We’ve been running by Kellee’s Place for the past few weeks to notate the progress taking place at the trim and tidy drinkery at the corner of east 6th and Pedernales.

This past weekend smoke was rolling out of the iron pit in the food trailer so we decided to venture inside, and see if the fiery tempered pit boss was up for some conversation.

He was. Unfortunately our 2 hour discussion was off the record.

This is what we can say. Kellee’s Place will host the new venture in the back lot of the old school beer bar. There is a giant stack of big pic-nic tables that will be arrayed across the property. A freshly rehabbed food trailer will anchor one corner of the lot.

Ice cold, dirt cheap beer will be available for the throngs of people that will descend as East Austin welcomes Mr. Mueller back to the side of town where he got famous over a decade ago.

The menu will feature beef chuck ribs, brisket, hot guts, pork ribs and the occasional special like prime rib, enormous pork chops and what have you.

Expect long lines of smoked meat lovers to pack in once the venture gets in full swing in the near future. With SXSW on the horizon we reckon Mueller’s timing to be spot on.

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