A man’s gotta know his limitations. It’s one of my favorite Eastwood lines of all times and I’ve had the point driven home from time to time when I’ve decided to venture, Icarus-like, into territory better left uncharted.

I’m handy in a kitchen but butchery is a talent that I leave in the hands of the masters.

Our crew took delivery this morning on a mammoth shipment of Large Black heritage breed pork from Eden’s Cove Farm down in Cedar Creek. The hog led a good life filled with fresh produce from Johnson’s Backyard Garden, acorns from towering oaks, and plenty fresh grass and spring water.

I trundled him over to Salt and Time so butcher Bryan Butler could put the finishing touches on the giant slabs of meat, and get the cuts perfectly executed before we put the beast through the sous vide for our weekend pop up restaurant at Tamale House East.

Butler quietly went to work finessing the shoulder, head and loin into cuts that we can circulate, braise, smoke, fry and simmer.

It’s always a treat to sit back and watch a master at work.

The next few days will be filled with 12 hour prep shifts as we tackle the most ambitious pop up restaurant menu we’ve ever written.

Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #8

Farm To Table/Heritage Pork

Sat Feb 9th 2013

6pm doors

Keg of St Arnold

details http://www.eventbrite.com/org/2992480753

more on Bryan Butler and Salt And Time http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/2/4/New-Bull-In-The-Pen-Salt-And-Time-Ushers-In-New-Meat-Culture-Appreciation-Era-In-East-Austin

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