We spent a wonderful afternoon touring the verdant grounds of one of Texas’ prime heritage breed pork farms a couple weeks ago. Eden’s Cove Farm specializes in the ancient British hog strain “Large Black”; this breed is famous for its bacon. The bellies that come off the pig are prized for their excellence.

No less a luminary than Winston Churchill raised these pigs. The great man loved bacon and needed a daily rasher so he could attend to the affairs of the state. The Large Black pork belly fueled him in his pursuits. While the Large Black breed is an avid forager, JoAnn and Vivian Smotherman, the owners of the farm, supplement their prized pig’s diet with Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s produce. They regularly wheel in a trailer load of fresh, organic produce and the pigs clamber right into the middle of the pile to pig out.

On our visit, they were feasting on sweet potatoes, bok choy and cabbage. Numerous oak trees provide plenty acorns to further in their fattening. Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill is the animal’s grain source. As if that weren’t enough, the creatures also regularly dine on the spent grain from Live Oak Brewery!

All practices at Eden’s Cove meet or exceed organic standards.

We’ve gathered a crack team of chefs for this pop up. We’re calling this event Farm To Table- Heritage Pork Edition, and we’re bringing in cooks raised in Australia, Shang Hai and Texas. Each man has a special skill that will be utilized to turn our 80lb allotment of meat into the most delicious menu we’ve ever created.

Our sous vide will be getting a heavy work-out this weekend. We’ll release the menu later in the week just be aware that there will be a limited number of BACON STEAKS available for consumption.

As always, we’ll have an ice cold keg of Texas beer to wash down all the organic goodies. St Arnold, in this instance. And in response to all the vegetarians that have been coming out for our events, we’ll have food for the herbivores amongst us.

Check out Eden’s Cove Farm’s website http://www.edenscove.com/ the couple running this concern could not be any nicer and we’re proud to have them as our primary purveyor for this event.

Purveyors for this Farm To Table Restaurant Pop Up:

*Eden’s Cove Farm

*Johnson’s Backyard Garden

*Windy Hill Farm

*Easy Tiger Bakery

Event Brite page with all the details on this weekend’s event http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5402663512/eorg

Pictured on the bad ass trike is JoAnn Smitherman

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