Austin Food Carts is a great resource for people trying, most likely in vain, to keep up with Austin’s food truck, food trailer and food cart scene.

Good luck y’all.

With just under 1300 mobile restaurants in town you could eat at almost 4 per day for a year without repeating a single visit. Daunting.

Austin Food Carts is a “just the facts” style website. They do not offer editorial, opting instead to simply put up pictures, menus, links to pertinent websites etc.

Site features:

* Classified ads: This is where people who are attempting to sell used food trucks or trying to lease spaces for food trucks post.

* A list of commissary kitchens for lease.

* A link to Austin Food Bloggers Alliance’s guide to food trucks. Unfortunately it was published 2 years ago and is largely not useable.

* A handful of outward bound links to food and drink related sites including Maggie’s Austin which is defunct.

The best and most useful part of Austin Food Carts is the mapping system where they show, via Google Maps, where each food truck is located.

They also show how to connect with each food truck via social media (Twitter, Tumblr. etc)

There are hundreds of food trucks, carts and trailers included in the archive and they also offer an app for the smartphone set.

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