When we were kids we had to get handles and FCC licenses so we could jump on our dad’s cb radio and talk to strangers. It was a sort of rural internet back then.

I went with Old Hickory. When my mom inquired as to how I came up with that monicker I responded “cause I’m hard mom, like Old Hickory”…it’s still a source of amusement in the family. Bourbon doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky. Of course it tastes a Hell of a lot better if it is.

Old Hickory Bourbon was manufactured in Philadelphia of all places. Old time whiskey heads from the region back then claim that it was the finest of the budget bourbons. I’m trying to remember the last time I had bad bourbon.

I love the tag line on Old Hickory bottles way back when: “America’s Most Magnificent Bourbon”
while it’s unlikely that was true, bourbon-ophiles seem united in the belief that it was a fine whiskey.

Publicker was the manufacturer of Old Hickory, they got famous by also making Inver House Scotch. The reception was so great that they started 3 distilleries in Scotland to make it. Of course Publicker’s main facility was in Pennsylvania, at one point their whiskey aging facility there was the largest on earth.

Old Hickory ceased to be produced in 1981.

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