In a stunner, Franklin Barbecue, the obscure East Austin smoke shack that’s been flying under the radar for years, has been deemed best brisket in Texas by the readers over at Man Up Texas Barbecue.

Way back in 2009, the men at the Man Up site discovered Franklin and began ranting and raving over Aaron Franklin’s smoked meat output. I could throw a rock from my French Place manse and hit the food trailer that Franklin then called home. The lines got steadily longer as other sites like Shaggybevo got on board and soon the wait for meat became untenable. I was left with nothing but the sweet aroma of post oak.

This morning as I rolled through my Twitter feed, I noted that meat guru Drew Thornley had put up a hot link to his latest poll establishing the pecking order for brisket in Texas.

Here it is: Black’s, Freedmen’s, JMueller, Kreuz, Louie Mueller, Opie’s, Pecan Lodge, Rudy’s, Smitty’s, Southside Market, and Stiles Switch.

That’s the alphabetical version.

In true rankings: Franklin, Opie’s and Freedmen’s were the top 3 with Franklin receiving 41.67% of the vote The piece

What’s your top 3?

At the close of last year, the Scrumptious Crew sat down to construct a list of the 5 top Austin food blogs, Man Up made it in

full Texas bbq coverage here

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