Austinist posted a call for food writers this morning on Twitter This is one of the best sites in Austin for entertainment news and what have you.

Looks like they’re trying to beef up their food coverage as the Austin scene is an exploding supernova with national media, hat in hand, routinely coming to town to report on our barbecue, Tex Mex and ramen kitchens. Bear in mind that the lion’s share of this coverage is laughably inept. Restaurants that are shuttered are routinely lionized, taco trucks that have pulled stumps and moved to Houston are lauded and most writers are apparently unaware that there exists barbecue not called Franklin.

We have no idea what, or if, Austinist is paying but if you’re looking for a byline you just might get your foot in the door. UPDATE: I received a message from Tom Thornton stating that they do not pay.


Ok, fresh off a Twitter dust up where writing for free was the topic inspired by my tweeting the above article. Let me pass the mic for a second to Harlan Ellison:”I have been a writer and freelance journalist for 17 years now and I dont work that much now because the economy screwed things up for even experienced freelancers like me and the internet is paying jack shit to writers for content for sites.

I can’t comprehend the logic of writers getting paid $20-40 maybe $50 for articles 500-750 words when I have made $100-1,000 on such articles.”

“And the problem is, there’s so god damn many writers who have no idea that they’re sposed to be paid every time they do something, they do it for nothing! Gllg, Gllug! They’re gonna look at me! I’m gonna be noticed! Hhh-hhh! Hhh-hhh!”


I started writing in the glory days of print media (the 80s) back then an article on a barbecue joint got me a check for a hundred bucks and reimbursement for the food I’d purchased to author the piece.

It never dawned on my that I would one day peer back at those halcyon days with rosy colored lens. I felt grievously underpaid.

I get lots of offers to write for other publications. I routinely turn down 99% of them cause they don’t pay….a nickel. Your pay is a link to your blog or website. Hard to buy beans and greens with a hot link.

It’s never going to change. There are too many young writers who are more than happy to work for nothing. Just like there are a million cooks who’ll happily work for $5 an hour, cash under the table.

At every single restaurant I’ve ever worked, there were always a couple guys who got paid cash for their labors in this manner.

The bottom guy makes 5 bucks an hour, then the stairs step upwards til you have a sous chef working 90 hours a week for 31k.

Writing and/or cooking for a living is a hard way to earn a buck. It’s not going to change.

Want to get paid for your writing? is a great tumblr. that discusses who pays and who does not.

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