That was a relief. We’d started to lose faith. After parsing a few dozen Austin food blogs 2 weeks ago and noting that many hadn’t been updated in a year or so, we’d begun to wonder if we were going to be able to find sustenance in the bleak land of Austin food writers.

We perked up considerably when we began scouring the internet for this week’s “best of” Austin blogs feature. Lots of good reading, right this way Ginny’s Austin visits Bar Mirabeau, the new joint from Jezebel chef Parind Vora

Eater takes a peek behind the curtains at Winflo Osteria

South Austin foodie found a scruffy bunch of alley cats manning the service part of 2nd Bar + Kitchen’s dining experience

Local foods expert Kristi Willis previews the Longhouse Food Revival Pop Up

Craft Is Better beer blogger tackles Shiner’s FM 966, a Farmhouse Ale

In a sign that the end times are upon us all Virginia Wood over at the Chronicle discovers pop ups! Saying “Pop-up restaurants are a hot culinary trend across the country just now, and seeing one in action was what I enjoyed most about covering the Indie Chefs Week pop-up dinners” read her piece here

last week’s edition

Our next pop up restaurant event is Sat Feb 9th

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