Austin Texas pop up restaurants are starting to catch on.

We can’t attest to how the Swoop House events went this past weekend, but 150 Peruvian food lovers packed the Tamale House East for their inaugural, in-house, pop up restaurant affair.

Long lines formed at the venue before the staff could even get the doors open, then a rush of people barreled up to the counter once the gates swung open.

It was a wild scene.

It’s looking like this whole pop up restaurant trend that’s been firmly entrenched in New Orleans, San Francisco and other urbane cities might just catch hold in Austin too. We’ve got 3 events to break down for y’all over the next few days.

Friday Feb 1st. The Food Lab at UT Presents LongHouse Food Revival. $60. Iliana de la Vega and Kiko Guerra will be cooking the food (barbacoa) for this multi-media pop up event at Pine Street Station. National media mavens Gustavo Arellano, and Rachel and Logan Cooper among others will be on hand to “explore the story of the Mexican Diaspora and presents tales from the front lines of food start ups.” Sounds intriguing. More info

Sun Feb 3rd. Fiore Tedesco will be on the range at Franklin BBQ with his L’oca D’oro food party. $90-$125. The Pixies are the theme band for the event. Tedesco must be the real deal as he previously cooked at Gramercy Tavern in NYC. Tickets

Sat Feb 9th. The Scrumptious Chef crew, which has swollen to 6 chefs for this event, will be back at the Tamale House East presenting a Heritage Pork-based menu (and a Keg of St. Arnold’s Icon, a Belgian Ale) featuring the British Hog breed; Large Black via Eden’s Cove Farm, Cedar Creek Texas. We run our pop ups a little different as we always offer our food a la carte. $5-25 dollars.

Event Brite page

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