The long and sordid tale of the Yassine brothers (and associates) is finally winding down. Sentence were announced today.

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks sentenced Mike Yassine to 12 years 7 months in federal prison.

He also sentenced Hadi Yassine to 5 years.

Steve Yassine will serve 1 year and 1 day. Get caught up with all the Yassines here The Yassine Enterprises crew first made local media headlines when they were sued by a host of former employees who claimed, in federal court, that the high rolling gang of nightlife entrepreneurs were paying them zero dollars an hour in wage. That tale is here

Then in the Spring of 2012 the FBI came to town, kicked in the doors of the Yassine Enterprises nightclubs and charged several people reportedly affiliated with Yassine Enterprises with a litany of crimes including money laundering, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and firearms violations.

Then the comptroller got involved, this was posted on Yassine nightclub Roial: “The Comptroller of Public Accounts has seized this property for non-payment of taxes, penalty or interest due to the State of Texas,it is against the law to enter, dismantle, take possession of or remove anything from this property.”

Karim Faiq, of the Yassine Enterprises consortium, made a run for it

Mike and Steve Yassine agreed to pony up 685k to the short changed workers

Verdicts announced

Outside links to tons of media coverage of the Yassine scandal

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