Party on the patio.

As soon as I rolled up, I sensed that National Peanut Butter Day party people had gathered strong at In.gredients, the new-ish East Austin grocery store. The yard in front of the market was jammed, the music was blasting and cougars and bobcats were afoot. “Happy National Peanut Butter Day everybody!”


Nobody, not even the staff, were aware that today is the day.

In.gredients sells bulk foods by weight, much in the same manner as Wheatsville. But they also have tap beer, live music and a patio scene that breathes some serious life into the East Austin grocery store pick up scene.

Everybody’s on the make.

Single? Like maple syrup? Hang out around the giant vats of that blessed nectar long enough and you might meet your soul mate.

I scored a refill on an old jar of peanut butter I had rattling around in my cupboard for about $4. I was assured that it only came from local peanuts too! Locavore peanut farming is apparently a “thing” in Central Texas.

While Fiesta Mart still sees the lion’s share of my grocery dollar I like to run into In.gredients once in awhile if I need some organic yams or free ranging Longhorn beef. They’ve got the market cornered if you’re into that sort of thing in East Austin.

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