Is this really what it has come to?


Reviewer Card, from Brad Newman, is the most obvious end sum to the plague that has infested restaurants since 2004 when Yelp opened their doors for business.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years since “Yelpers” began rattling the cage of the internet with made up bullshit words like “sammich” “yumtastic” “listicle” and “amaze-balls.” We wondered at first look if the website was some sort of therapeutic forum for folks who’d suffered closed-head brain trauma. Enter Mr. Newman. Not one to let a business opportunity pass, Newman has rolled a “reviewer card” onto the market. For a hundred dollars, Newman will sell you one of his cards that you can then flash to a maître d’ or waiter so you may receive preferential treatment under threat of penning a negative review on Yelp, Trip Advisor or some other worthless site.

The outrage has been palpable. We’ll be checking Daily Mail regularly from here on out so we can read of the beat downs these card holders are going to be receiving once a few surly line cooks are told of their capers. Can you imagine showing your Reviewer Card to John Mueller, the explosive-tempered Taylor, Texas barbecue cook? Ever wondered what it would feel like to be hog-tied behind a pick up truck and dragged down Pedernales at 40mph? This would be a great way to find out.

The best quote on this whole sordid tale comes from David Lazarus of the La Times in his piece titled: “Seeking preferential treatment with the flash of a card is wrong”

“This is, of course, wrong on many levels and is an example of how the culture of amateurism that was once one of the Internet’s more endearing qualities has become a free-for-all unburdened by any thought of ethics or moral integrity.”

Newman, who comes off in the article as being a bit of an oaf, speaking on the merits of the card: “I don’t know, if a restaurant brings me free quesadillas and gets a good review for it, what’s the harm?”

read the piece,0,2390332,full.column

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