Brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River is at the top of the heap of USA’s burgeoning craft beer movement.

We don’t use the appellation master lightly, either. You could read a thousand articles from us on barbecue and never see the word pitmaster…and you could read another thousand before we gave the designation brewmaster to a man who makes beer. In the above video, the viewer is allowed unprecedented access to the goings-on behind the scenes of the hottest brewery in the US.

Russian River is empire.

If you think people wait ridiculous amounts of time for Franklin BBQ, wait til you see the lines for Pliny The Younger, a once per annum offering from the Santa Rosa, California brewhouse.

Cilurzo’s accolades are manifold. He brewed the first Double I.P.A. for the commercial market (Blind Pig Inaugural Ale in 1994) and went on to win the Brewer’s Association Russell Schehrer Award For Innovation in Craft Brewing back in 2008. This places him in the canon of upper level brewers like John Harris, Full Sail Brewing Co. and Matt Brynildson, Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

Heavy hitters.

And due to Texas obstreperous laws regarding importation the quickest way you’ll get to sample this man’s craft is to drive to Colorado. Can you imagine the uptick in quality of life Austin would see if you could jog down to your local pub and drink a Pliny The Elder?

We’re dreamers at heart

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