UPDATE TUE JAN 29TH 2013: On Sat Feb 9th, The Scrumptious Chef crew, which has swollen to 6 chefs for this event, will be back at the Tamale House East presenting a Heritage Pork-based menu featuring the British Hog breed; Large Black via Eden’s Cove Farm, Cedar Creek Texas. We run our pop ups a little different as we always offer our food a la carte. $5-25 dollars. Beer/wine. Details http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/contact.cfm


A year from now this series will probably be a weekly installment with accounts of a dozen or so pop ups for the coming weekend. But til we usher in that halcyon era we’ll content ourselves with the 2 that are currently on the books for January 2013. Friday January 25th: Chef Eric Nelson Brown (Ritz Carlton) will be on the range at Swoop House in East Austin presenting a “Classy Texas Comfort” menu of 5 courses including beef tenderloin nachos, pulled pork lettuce wraps and tamales among other dishes. Sixty bucks, byob. 3012 Gonzales. Swoop House is part of the team that bought Arkie’s Grill, and are preparing to turn the ancient diner into something not an ancient diner. One of our tipsters reported that the architectural rehab people took a trip to California for inspiration on how to best breathe life into the old girl.

Sat January 26th: Tamale House East is popping up inside their own restaurant with a Peruvian menu. The patriarch of the clan that owns the cafe; Dr. Juan Valera-Lema, a native of Lima Peru, who has taught classes on his country’s cuisine, will be overseeing the kitchen for this event.

It’s a multi-course, a la carte feast with Ceviche, Papa la Huancaina (chile-based potato appetizer,) Aji de la Gallina (a rich chicken stew,) Arroz con Pollo, Lomo Saltado (Peruvian beef steak) and flan.

We cried like frightened school girls when Pachamama’s Peruvian Creole Cuisine shuttered last year. Chef Victor had taken a food truck and turned it into one of the hottest kitchens in Austin. Unfortunately his cuisine was so insanely delicious that Austinites could not comprehend his genius.

So we are beyond excited to be able to sit down to a Peruvian feast and see how a native son of that vaunted country treats his land’s food. Prices range from $6 to $25 for this one night stand.
Beer and wine will be available.

There is now a national, updated daily, database of pop up events http://www.popuprepublic.com/

and we secured an allotment of heritage pork for the Scrumptious Chef pop up in February http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/1/21/The-History-Of-The-Large-Black-Hog-Breed-aka-Devon-Cornwall-And-Lop-Eared-Black

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