Gone but not forgotten.

Dan Eureste had a multi-decade run down in Waelder, Texas where he oversaw the grocery and smoked meat needs of the community. Spent many an afternoon down here eating handmade hot guts sausages and wool gathering with Dan on a bench on the front porch. Dan Eureste passed away back in 2010 and the business has changed hands a couple times since his death. The photo does not do justice to the pit room which looks like it’s been around since the Civil War.

One imagines there’s an especially hot circle of Hell for the Anheuser Busch rep who coaxed Dan into letting him string up the ridiculous Bud poster in this hallowed hall.

And off camera is one of the biggest, oldest, most Rube Goldberg-ian looking grinder/extruder sausage makers you could ever hope to see. It’s operated via foot pedals so the worker can manipulate the guts and stuffings with his hands while going full tilt at it.

And in a nearby unincorporated community there’s an old school hot sausage maker who’s vending out of a converted mobile home. Very promising work thusly.

Nearly 300 articles on Texas barbecue right this way http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

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