Rolling through East Austin on a hot tip from an old school barbecue hound who lives on Pedernales Street. He swore up and down that he’d seen John Mueller at Kellee’s Place, the ramshackle old tavern at the corner of East 6th and Pedernales.

Only one thing left to do. Jump on the bike and see if this could be verified. It sure does look like a barbecue trailer that the elusive Taylor Texas smoked meat legend could set up shop in; it’s got steer horns nailed down on it and an ad hoc Texas flag emblazoned on the side.

Plus Kellee’s Place serves Bud Light which could act as a siren song for the cantankerous pit boss.

We’ve gathered good reports from Shiner Restaurant and Bar on Mueller’s current output. Sounds like he’s not lost a step after the epic dust up that saw him ousted from the meat trailer in Bouldin Creek that bore his name.

Will John Mueller rise, phoenix like, once again on the Austin barbecue scene?

We’re predicting yes. The only factor that’s a mystery is when and to what extent.

And it’s looking like East Austin will be the locale.

Field Report from Shiner Texas

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