We ran down to Buzz Mill Coffee and Blue Ox BBQ in southeast Austin this morning to see if they’d flung the doors open yet. We had no luck but the crew running the joint could not be nicer and gave us a quick tour of the joint. The courtyard is enormous. And in one corner of it there sits a mammoth iron smoker with historical antecedents stretching all the way back to Aaron Franklin! The thing is an absolute beast and looks as though it could hold a good ton of Texas beef.

The gentleman that gave us the tour mentioned that they’ll be running the meat part of the operation Central Texas market-style with all the classic offerings via pound weight.

Old School.

The work crew looked like they’d just finished the load-in for a Motorhead concert. If a bomb dropped on Buzz Mill it would take a good 20 years for Austin’s beard and tattoo quotient to get back up to appropriate levels.

Rough and tumble.

Buzz Mill Coffee will run 24 hours a day and we see them pulling serious bank as there are no competitors within 5 miles. South East Austin is hungry and thirsty with tens of thousands of low cost apartments within a few blocks of the establishment.

To not be a barbecue site per se we sure do have a lot of bbq articles, nearly 300 right this way http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

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